Lenten Series - Spiritual Disciplines

March 10 Fasting - Matthew 9:14-15

We often think of fasting as denying ourself some pleasure or willingly suffering, but fasting can also be making space for God

March 17 Simplicity - Ecclesiastes 7:24-25, 29 and Luke 6:12-19

Do you long to simplify your life? How would you like a few minutes alone? Throughout scripture we are given examples of focused, uncomplicated lives.

March 24 Study - John 8:28-32

We know about God through the scriptures and we understand life as a disciple of Christ not only through God’s word, but also through a rich history of people learning to love God.

March 31 Confession

They say that confession is good for the soul. . . . Turns out they were right.

April 7 Mediation and Prayer

How’s your prayer life? Do you wish were better at praying? Turns out you’re not alone, but you’re also not necessarily doing it wrong.