Community Easter Egg Hunt

The wind blew and the rain fell but it didn’t stop the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Kid’s of all ages gathered in the halls of the church and peered through the windows of the classrooms. Their eyes grew big as they saw all of the eggs scattered throughout the rooms. On the count, they began their search through the classrooms of the 1st floor of the education building. The older children search throughout the Community Hub looking for eggs and the few Golden Eggs redeemable for an Easter Kite.

After the eggs were gathered, the children and their families made their way upstairs to the worship center. While they were there, they were treated to a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and fruit. On the tables were crafts and the children heard the Easter story from a couple of clowns. Literally a couple of clowns who shared the story with laughs and oohs and ahhs.

Despite the weather it was a beautiful day for an Easter Egg hunt.