New Bible Study beginning Oct 15

Our next Bible Study will be “Walking in the Footsteps of Moses." Retrace the life of Moses - from his rescue as a baby to the courts of Pharaoh, his Exodus out of Egypt, to his gazing on the Promised Land. Combining historical insights, archaeological data, and the biblical text, Rev. Adam Hamilton explores how this reluctant prophet grew in his relationship with God, and how you can overcome your own hesitancy to act boldly for the Lord. Hamilton tells this story from the places in which these stories take place. From Egypt to Sinai, we will walk in Moses’ footsteps.

The six week class will be held on Sundays 5-7pm, and Wednesdays Noon-1:30pm. Register forby calling the church office or by filling out the form below. The class runs October 15 through November 22. Join us for this insightful study, and why not bring a friend?

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