Small Group Overview


Our small groups are a way to get to know each other and form a support group. Our groups meet weekly or biweekly to talk, pray, and study.  Some groups will include a light meal or social activities.  Listed below are a few descriptions of some of our ongoing small groups here at   “Your Light on the Hill  “.  If you would like more information please call the church office, 856-983-9587.


Women’s Class   

The Women’s Sunday School that meets in the Administrative Office from 9:00-9:50am is currently doing a study The Apostles Creed.


ADULT BIBLE study – journey through the bible

Class meets Sunday 8:45 to 9:50 a.m. in the Discipleship Center.

This adult Bible study class is taking a Journey Through the Bible.  Currently we are studying the book of Job and onward.   Coffee and tea are provided along with various breakfast snacks.  

 Do you think of the God of the Old Testament as stern and uncaring as compared to the passion of Jesus in the New Testament?  Please reconsider for the Old Testament is filled with God’s patience as he struggles to change a nation to become unique and different from the rest of the world.  Remember he had to “start from scratch.”  The Old Testament is filled with blessings.  Blessing is mentioned 398 times, 88 times in Genesis alone.  The Old Testament is the story of God’s interaction with and for humankind, the beginning of the thread of God’s love and faithfulness that runs through the centuries, from creation and the civilizations of the ancient world to the end of all things.  Come with us on the journey.

It’s a glorious journey, filled with the creation of universes, peoples, and nations.  It’s exciting history and exacting theology.  There are heroes and heroines, murder and intrigue, wars and rumors of war – but most of all love. 

… No homework, just good sharing in the fellowship of his presence.


Edna Johnson, teacher

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